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"Good wine can be made in the winery, but fine wine owes its qualities to the vineyard"

In a model traditional in France and championed in Australia, I am part of a growing movement of small batch vintners collaborating with talented grape growers and sourcing the finest parcels available for each variety.

Terroir is the French term for the natural characteristics of a vineyard that determine the taste of its produce. Or more simply the taste of the place! The expertise and dedication of the growers is vital in producing outstanding fruit with an individual character, free from routine sprays and interventions.

As Jamie Goode suggested, I’m a micro-negociant, having sought out a handful of single vineyard sites in the Barossa Valley, high in the Eden Valley and in the Adelaide Hills that borrow from my experiences in Australia, the Rhône and Burgundy. The Michael Hall label is my flagship focussed on single vineyard wines, while Sang de Pigeon, my second label, is an introduction to region-specific styles.